We purchased our first Pointer in 1980. At that time we were living in Waiouru, in the central North Island of New Zealand. Our next door neighbours daughter and husband bred Pointers and after seeing one of their adult dogs we decided that we would purchase a puppy from them. They were Carol and John Craig who established the Tuke Glen kennel in New Zealand.  Our first Pointer was Tuke Glen Buccaneer. He went on to gain his Championship title and from there we were hooked on this wonderful breed.

We purchased a second Pointer from Tuke Glen, a bitch Chante of Tuke Glen, whom we bred to produce our first litter in 1984.  Both of our initial purchases were heavily based upon imported Crookrise stock. Beginner luck certainly smiled upon us as this litter produced two wonderful Pointers Ch and Aust Ch Robwyn Alfonso "Crown" and Ch Robwyn Anita "Holly". "Crown" went on to become a prolific winner and "Holly" was many times a class in show winner and also won numerous Challenge "Best Bitch" certificates. Amongst "Crowns" many major wins were winning the inaugural Pointer Specialty show in Sydney, Australia in 1998. He was an All Breeds Best in Show winner and was rarely beaten in the breed. Before our departure for Brisbane, Australia in 1986, he had been shown on 27 occasions in New Zealand and was only ever beaten in his class once.  Upon our arrival in Brisbane his record under overseas judges was fantastic. He went two years without being beaten. A rare quality of Pointer who throughout his show career invariably won under Gundog specialists with most judges commenting upon his wonderful movement and true lashing tail action.

We moved to Brisbane, Australia, in Feb 1986 and took with us four Pointers. As a kennel was already established in Australia with a similar name to Robwyn we were not able to register this kennel Prefix. For the next ten years we bred Pointers under the "Bolmareve" kennel prefix in Australia. During this time we were involved in both the show ring and field trail aspects of the breed and although we were never able to title a dog in the field we had many dogs that were quality workers. We also enjoyed numerous hunting trips with other Pointer owners. During our time in Brisbane we were involved in the importation of Ch & USA Ch Luftnase Oceanvue PrimaDona from the USA. Marcus Wilson, who is no longer involved with the breed, imported her. She was mated in quarantine in the UK to ENG Ch Jasmorne Democrat, who was, at that time, the 2nd highest CC winning Dog in the UK breed history. She arrived in whelp and had a litter of six in the Melbourne, Australia, quarantine facilities. From this litter five of these Pointers went on to become All Breeds Best in Show winners. We were fortunate to be able to show her to her title in Australia and to own Aust Ch Oceanpoint Travlin Man who was produced from this first litter. This line certainly had a strong influence upon our breeding program.

In 1996 I moved back to New Zealand and was able to re-register the 'Robwyn" kennel name. My wife Caroyln breeds Irish Setters, under the Lanascol prefix and together we have established our respective kennels on our 11 acre property in Runciman, South Auckland.

Both of our kennels have envious records of achievement with "Robwyn" having bred the Pointer of the Year for the 2001 and 2002 years and "Lanascol" having bred the Irish setter of the Year for the past 14 years. We have both imported different bloodlines form various countries throughout our kennels histories and continue to import to ensure that our respective breeds are not limited by the size of the available gene pools within New Zealand. The full details of our imports to both New Zealand and Australia are listed in the Imports section of this web site.

During recent years I have worked closely with Diane O'Neill "Chesterhope Pointer Kennels" and we currently share our breeding programs and Pointers, which enables us to breed from a broader program. These two kennels have dominated the breed results in New Zealand in recent years.

I am delighted you have visited our site and I would welcome further contact, or a visit, at some point in the future. We hope we will hear from you soon.

Paul Robinson
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"Gibson" winning New Zealand Bred Stakes at the 2002 New Zealand National Show
Paul and "Crown" Ch Robwyn Alfonso enjoying a hunting day in Queensland, Australia
Paul and "Crown" Ch Robwyn Alfonso enjoying a hunting day in Queensland, Australia
Ch Chesterhope Catch the Dream winng the All Breeds Puppy stakes at the 2001 New Zealand National.
Ch Chesterhope Catch the Dream winning the All Breeds Puppy stakes at the 2001 New Zealand National.

The home of Robwyn Pointers and Lanascol Irish Setters
The home of Robwyn Pointers and Lanascol Irish Setters
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